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Yesterday was the first meeting of the East West Theater Committee for 2011 and it was held at the lovely little pub known as Cottons on Anting Lu. Cotton’s has long been a supporter of the arts in Shanghai and is always eager to help out the community.

I am one of the members of the 2011 committee for EWT and involved in producing shows and doing some of the PR and marketing functions for the troupe. EWT is the longest running English-language theater group in Shanghai and pioneered expatriates acting on the stage in Shanghai. They have been producing quality local theater with an expanding base of theater goers.

Building on the success of last years’ season finale, Brecht’s The Caucasian Chalk Circle, which was based on a Chinese tale, an exciting agenda for this year is to expand our efforts to involve and interact with more local Chinese and increase out cultural exchange.  Part of the equation is adding more proficiency in Chinese to our marketing and PR team.

Another way we are looking to do that is by performing English-translation of some relevant Chinese plays. This will help to bring cultural exchange by helping the foreign audience to experience Chinese drama tradition. EWT has already found great success bringing German and French plays to the Shanghai stage in their English translations and the Chinese adds to their cultural mission in China.




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Spending spree

I went for about two and 1/2 months without buying anything but food, utilities and public transportation. I went on a spending spree buying a new winter jacket USD$20 from Decathalon sporting good store and a shelf and hardware from B&Q household DIY chain.  I blame this bit of conspicuous consumption on pent-up demand.

boy on metro with pineapple

Waif with pineapple

Feeling guilty about spending on such luxuries, I could not help but give my pineapple I had just purchased to this your waif who was begging and said he was hungry and was eagerly watching the fruit.

His smile was well worth the price of the pineapple, but there are no easy answers for the many kids across China that are homeless. That is one of the reasons that I wrote The Journey Home. I have been so touched and hurt by seeing the children suffering.


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or Why I suggest you make major purchases in China from Bestbuy.

This is perhaps the coldest winter on record in Shanghai and I am given cause to wonder why my apartment feels so cold.

Where my A/C unit would be — if SuNing had customer service

I think it might be that I do not actually have an A/C unit. The landlord has been delaying since I moved in.  Finally, the landlord has actually bought the unit a week ago (I have the receipts to prove it)  but the SuNing  department store is so bad at customer service, that it is not here and installed yet.

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Xingxing and Lexi, my two Shanghai street dogs don’t mind the cold while snuggled up in their nice dog bed.

Lucky dogs. It is nice to curl up with a friend to keep warm. Especially since  most Shanghai dwellings have little or no insulation.

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A Shanghai sunset shot from a Huangpu River ferry boat between the Dongfang Lu and Dalian Lu docks.

Shanghai skyline

Shanghai skyline from the Huangpu River

I was lucky enough to witness this sunset while crossing the Hunagpu River by ferry.  Ferryboat remains the only way to cross the river by bicycle, so I am on the ferry boats frequently.

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snowy apartment complex in Shanghai

Snow Falling on Cedars -- in Shanghai

Three days of unseasonal snow and below freezing weather has graced Shanghai as a part of its coldest winter on record.

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