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Sunset over Guomao tower viewed from Sihui, Beijing


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by Richard Trombly

12 April 2012  Beijing –– A small group of space exploration enthusiasts gathered today at Beijing’s Veggie Table restaurant for the “Space Drinks” event held by Boris Yim in honor of Yuri’s Night, an event to commemorate the first Human space flight by Russian Cosmonaut Yuri Gegarin on 12 April 1961. http://yurisnight.net/ sponsors the “Yuri’s Night world space party” and Boris organized the only such gathering in China.

Yuri's night Beijing guest mingling at the Veggie Table restaurant

“We came here tonight to honor the first human spaceflight,” said Boris Yim. “While just 20 years later on this day the first space shuttle launched, but now China is making the news in space.”

Boris Yim and Vivien

Boris, a Hong Kong native, has reason for taking pride in China’s accomplishments. China has recently launched the successful Chang’e-2 Moon orbiter and is constructing the next Moon mission, has a space station Tiangong-1 and is cornering an increasing share of the satellite launch market. It also has a vision to send astronauts to the Moon and Mars in the near future.

Boris Yim is an aerospace engineer that graduated from the University of Michigan and has been active in advocacy of space exploration and has been recognized for his enthusiasm for this field with numerous scholarships such as the 2004 Sir Edward Youde Memorial Scholarship as well as recognition by the Mars Society for his paper on “Why Mars” and Boris commanded a mission group at the Mars Society Desert Research Station, a simulated Mars habitat from which teams of scientists live together and conduct research in a simulated Mars environment.


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The reviews are in. Charles Mayer has once again grabbed the attention of Shanghai’s theatre goers, this time with a gripping and engrossing performance in Oleanna.  Get your tickets early because this is sure to sell out.
Charles Mayer will also be starring in the lead role of the upcoming short film ANALYSIS by Director Richard Trombly www.indiegogo.com/analysis

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The cherry trees have blossomed at Beijing's Yonghegong temple 12 April 2012

I had the pleasure today of cycling across Beijing to meet with some space exploration enthusiasts. Today is “yuri’s night” the anniversary of Yuri Gegarin’s first human space flight. In my view, this is one of the most significant events in human history.

The place I met the folks was at trendy and rapidly gentrifiying Wudaoying Hutong near Yonghegong Temple in Beijing. I luckily had my camera and took some nice shots of the cherry blossoms.  The bird in flight was a bonus and sounded reminiscent of Chinese poetry.

yonghegong in bloom

The roof line of Yonghegong on a rare Beijing blue sky

Wudaoying Hutong doorway , near Yonghegong Temple

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