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We are deep into the preparations for Analysis, a short film about a 13 year old math genius whose greatest challenge is solving “the human equation”www.indiegogo.com/analysis We are in the last day of a crowd funding drive that has been incredibly successful. Online, we raised over USD $1,600 from 20 supporters, but almost 1,000 people have been engaged enough to visit the page and learn about the film. So indiegogo has been a great resource to get the word out.


Sofie Fella 12-year-old star of Analysis at a Chinese temple in Shanghai

What the site does not show is that we have also received some financial support locally this is not registered on the site as well as invaluable donations of in-kind support. This short film has a high production value since it is intended for the festival circuit. It’s projected costs were budgeted at over USD $30,000 but we have been able to reduce the costs on this not-for-profit production to about USD $10,000 and also add on a CGI visual effects studio to provide some effects work that , in itself. would have doubled the film’s budget.
So in all, we have more than 60 people that have stepped forward to help bring this project together.
I want to thank all of the people who have taken the time to learn about this project and I hope you all follow this project as we develop it .


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