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Ink evolves at M50

By Richard Trombly

SHANGHAI — If you are in Shanghai, it is worth dropping by and experiencing Water? Or Ink? Or Others – Lu Chuntao‘s 3,000 m³ Ink Space Show. The exhibit recently opened at Shanghai’s trendy M50, in the Huafu Art Space. In this installation exhibit, Lu Chuntao explores contemporary ink art from a brand new perspective. He combines elements of  Chinese ink art in a three-dimensional context with classic Chinese cultural elements such as Chinese traditional garb, antiques, Chinese musical instruments and ceramics. It mixes contemporary and classical elements as could be expected from a leading modern calligrapher. He combines the western painting techniques and references the modern while still referencing traditional Chinese ink art and its heritage.

Water? Or Ink? Or Others 10/26-11/26, 2012 Lu Chuantao's 3,000m3 Ink Space Show
Water? Or Ink? Or Others 10/26-11/26, 2012 Lu Chuantao’s 3,000m3 Ink Space Show

Lu Chuntao was born in Chongming Island, Shanghai, in 1965. He studied at professional fine art class at Shanghai International Studies University from 1984 to 1986. He is currently vice principal of Shanghai Calligraphy and Painting Institute, visiting painter at Shanghai Chinese Painting Academy, member of Chinese Artist Association and trustee of Shanghai Artist Association.

The Lotus Pond Series, created by Lu Chuntao during the past two years, is featured in Water? Or Ink? Or Others. Despite the fact that Lu started as a traditional Chinese painting artist, he strives to bring a modern flair. Through a kind of spiritual transformation of the artist, natural objects are delineated in what he terms “neo ink art.”  Lu Chuntao is exploring the future direction of Chinese ink art in contemporary times. He says the charisma of ink comes not only from the beauty of the imagery it creates, but also the traces left by the artist’s communication with brush and ink.

Lu Chuntao Website:  http://luchuntao.trueart.com/

Richard Trombly is a freelance journalist and film maker at http://www.obscure-productions.com


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