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Why are we still using COAL and OIL when there ARE NEW VIABLE ALTERNATIVES. CONSERVATIVE THINKING. [we do it this way because we do it this way]  They viewed themselves as the COAL INDUSTRY and OIL INDUSTRY not the ENERGY INDUSTRY. ENERGY MOVED forward. These industries did not. They spend ANNUALLY many hundreds of millions in blocking the solar and wind industry in the same way they blocked the ACA. But in the end ACA passed and we can move solar forward.

If the computer industry had viewed itself as the mainframe corporate computer industry, you would not have your personal phone book/rolodex, CALENDAR schedule/diary, PDA, CALCULATOR, CAMERA, VIDEO CAMERA, PHONE, walkie talkie, newspaper, library, television, radio, turntable, flashlight, alarm clock and COMPUTER all in one DEVICE.  your smart phone you are reading this on.

We can demand a modern energy industry. Colleges students are starting to wake up, are demonstrating and demanding their universities divest. Contact your senators to demand the ENERGY INDUSTRIES move forward. We need sustainable energy for the future or we will not have a future.   #sustainable   #energyefficient  #renewableenergy   #globalwarming

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